The Best Way to Introduce a Periscope Broadcast

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The Periscope Broadcast Introduction

Throughout this blog post we want to show you The Best Way How to Introduce a Periscope Broadcast in order to gain more traction, interaction and attention from your audience. If you take a look at some of the really experienced and frequent periscope broadcasters out there you will noticed that they have a particular way that they go about introducing and commencing the Periscope broadcast that they are presenting.

Take a look at some of the really engaging and professional Periscope users that we have mentioned below. It is very beneficial to watch some of their broadcasts to see how they go about enhancing follower engagement through their broadcast introduction.

The first 2 to 3 minutes


You need to understand that most peoples attention span is quite limited. Therefore what this means is that you really need to be able to capture their attention from the get go of your periscope broadcast.

The first 2 to 3 minutes of a periscope broadcast is a critical window for being able to grab viewers attention and to hopefully retain their attention throughout the rest of your broadcast so you really need to think clearly and carefully about what you’re going to say in these first 2 to 3 minutes.

Not only is it critical to grab your viewers attention within the first 2 to 3 minutes but it is also very important to use this time to allow more periscope view is to jump on board and start watching your broadcast.

You see as soon as you start broadcasting you will notice that it takes a little bit of time for other Periscope viewers to see that you are live streaming. Therefore it is important to have these 2 to 3 minutes at the beginning of your broadcast to engage people as they jump on board and start watching your broadcast. You need to carefully grab their attention with out getting too much into the main issues or discussion that you are going to show or present throughout the broadcast.

It is important to have this short period of time to allow other periscope viewers to build up and join in the watching of your periscope broadcast rather than immediately commencing the main topics or issues that you want to present and running the risk of having a large amount of periscope view is joining in halfway through your presentation and pay someone lost as to what you are talking about.

Engage viewers at the start of your Periscope broadcast

We all know that people from all countries around the world are able to easily login and begin watching your live Periscope broadcast as it occurs. In fact it is very common to see Periscope viewers from very foreign countries to where you are located jump on board and begin watching your Periscope broadcast. Therefore, it is important for you to introduce yourself and then invite all the viewers to introduce themselves and also indicate where they are from.

This is a fantastic way to immediately engage the viewers on your broadcast and allow that introduction to take place it also can take up a few minutes of broadcasting time for this to occur and to allow other periscope users to jump on board and begin watching your Periscope broadcast.

The initial few minutes of your periscope broadcast needs to be a balance between engaging your views and also padding out the time to enable other viewers to start watching.

It is true that if you create a compelling title then fellow Periscope users will know exactly what you are going to talk about in your broadcast. However it is also worth pointing at the commencement of your periscope broadcast exactly what important topics you will be looking at throughout the majority of the broadcast. This will allow people to know what they can expect if they stick with you by staying on and watching your live broadcast.

Watch the experts to see how they do it

A really good way to understand and see how this strategic and engaging type of introduction is conducted in a quality periscope broadcast then it is definitely worth looking to the experts for examples of how they conduct the introductions to their Periscope broadcasts.

Watch these professional Periscope broadcasters

Mark Kaye
 Mark Shaw
Alex Pettitt
 Ray Cinemato
 Alex Khan
Jon Erlichman
Amanda Orleando

These above mentioned Periscope users are making waves on the Periscope platform. These users carry out their live broadcasts in extremely powerful way which constantly retains the attention of their followers throughout their entire live Periscope broadcast.

Be sure to follow these guys are you will definitely benefit from the styles and techniques that they use in grabbing and holding on to people’s Periscope attention.

Practice makes perfect

 practice-makes-perfect for periscope

Due to the nature of how periscope works in that it is live streaming and unedited broadcast material, this means that you cannot go back, fix up or change anything at a later stage.

So do not be afraid to get in there try different things and inevitably stuff something up or make a mistake. Because at the end of the day due to the nature of live broadcasting you will need practice your live broadcasting presentations as much as you can in order to perfect the craft of live broadcasting.

Most of us do not have the experience or skills of a professional news reader who presents live on TV for a living.

So you need to follow by the age old saying of practice makes perfect in order to begin creating some really powerful and professional Periscope broadcasts.

It is also important to save your live broadcasts with the “Autosave” setting on Periscope so that you can go back later on and review your broadcast and see where you need to improve on or change certain things that you did in your periscope broadcast.

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