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When we look at different ways in which you can attract more viewers and followers on Periscope then one of the most crucial aspects of doing this is to create a compelling and attention grabbing title for each and every Periscope broadcast that you create.

The reason why a compelling Periscope title is so important is because when many Periscope users get onto Periscope they will search through either the list broadcasts of people they follow or alternatively they will search through the Global List of Periscope broadcasts.

So when Periscope users jump onto the app most of the time they will randomly surf through the list of live or old (replay) Periscope broadcasts and whilst they are surfing through these various broadcasts they are looking for a Periscope broadcast that is going to trigger an emotion or really stand out and grab their attention. Such a Periscope title will guarantee more people will click to watch the Periscope broadcast and then it will be up to you to follow the title up with some quality live broadcasting material.

Throughout this article we will look at 4 different styles of Periscope title creations that have been proven to attract other Periscope users attention.

Straight to the Point Periscope Title

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When it comes to writing a Periscope broadcast title it is important to not be vague or too ambiguous with respect to what you intend to present in your Periscope broadcast.

The last thing that you want is for your Periscope broadcast title to be confusing to other Periscope users.

Therefore it is important to provide a specific information in the title which clearly and concisely summarises what content will be presented in your Periscope broadcast. The reason why a title which is clear, concise and to the point is so important is because it will grab the attention and specifically target those Periscope users who have an interest in what content you will be broadcasting. People who are interested in the title will generally find more value in your Periscope broadcast than other people who tend to be a little bit unsure about what they can expect from your Periscope broadcast.

Many Periscope users will surf around the app jumping on and off various different broadcasts. However, if you make your Periscope title to the point and description specific then you have more chance of obtaining targeted viewers and retaining them on your broadcast for a longer period, hopefully staying right through to the end of the scope.

Exclusive or Backstage Periscope Broadcast

live concert on periscope

When you can create a Periscope broadcast that allows your followers to gain an insider’s view or backstage pass into some sort of exclusive event, location or meeting then this has proven to be one of the most popular and attention grabbing types of Periscope titles that you can create.

But not everyone has the opportunity to offer a Periscope broadcast which provides an exclusive insiders view to something of interest, but you can get creative and put some thought into what you are able to obtain access to.

Whether you are at a sporting event or at a music concert or you are travelling around to exotic destinations or perhaps you are just that some sort of business or social targeted events these are the types of experiences that Periscope users love to watch and see what will happen as you stream live on Periscope.

People are always interested in getting an insider’s view to something and by giving someone an exclusive or insiders perspective on something interesting then you will be immediately providing value to other Periscope users. Therefore if you can create a really compelling title that grabs other users attention by offering them some sort of exclusive inside is look into a particular event, meeting, interview, location or something unique then you are giving them significant value by allowing others to tune in and watching your life through the Periscope broadcast.

Such a compelling Periscope broadcast title can be absolute gold and can attract huge amounts of Periscope followers the only thing that you must do is follow your compelling title up with some true and quality content in your Periscope broadcast.

Teach Something or Invite Other to Learn


Another really popular form of compelling and attention grabbing title is to offer to teach your fellow Periscope users something that you have a particular skill or knowledge about. You can invite other Periscope users to come along and learn about a specific topic, news or information that you are able to teach them about.

Just like the Periscope broadcasts that offer an insight or backstage view of an event or interview. Similarly, when you offer to teach your fellow Periscope users about a particular topic or issue then you are immediately creating a broadcast that offers valuable content to your fellow Periscope users.

You see the reality is that people enjoy obtaining quality and valuable content for FREE and the same goes for Periscope. If you are able to grab peoples attention by telling them that you are going to teach them about something that you have expert knowledge about then you are bound to grab targeted followers from people interested in what you have to say.

If you have a specialist knowledge in a particular area or niche then you have the ability to teach others about the knowledge that you have in that particular niche.

Some suggestions of what niches you can Periscope broadcast about in order to teach other users may include:

  • Tips for Periscoping
  • Internet Marketing
  • Health & Wellness
  • Fitness & weight loss
  • Personal finance
  • Motivation
  • Blogging
  • Become a better writer
  • Travelling
  • Writing and/or story telling
  • Public speaking
  • Business coaching
  • Parenting issues

There are heaps of different niches to offer your expertise on to other Periscope users. The secret is to stick to what you know, what you are good at and what others can learn from you.

Unique, Weird or Shocking Periscope Headline

It has been proven time after time that some really odd, weird and unique types Periscope titles tend to grab the attention of users. The reason why this is the case is simply due to the fact that peoples curiosity will always get the better of them and when they come across a strange, shocking or unusual Periscope title then they will be far more likely to click on the broadcast in order to feed their curiosity and find out what is going to happen in the broadcast.

Take for example the 2 separate titles to which one grabs your curiosity a little more more so than the other:

1.      Eating dinner, watching TV & Periscoping – (boring title);

2.      #ScopeAholic Skills – Eating, Periscoping & watching TV at the same time – Will I pull it off or fail big time? – (more of an intriguing title).

As you can see from the above 2 Periscope titles they are actually very similar in the sense that they both provide for eating, Periscoping and watching TV. The content is relatively the same in meaning yet the 2nd title seems to offer an intriguing title asking whether or not other a challenge mentioned in the title will win or fail.

You can and should experiment and get creative with your unique, weird or shocking Periscope titles. But there is no point is presenting a Periscope title that has nothing to do with the broadcast. For example there would be no point in using a title that says – “Watch as a shark eats my leg” and then once they click to watch the broadcast they watch some stoner sitting on the couch talking boring dribble.

Use of Emojis, Hashtags & Twitter Names in Periscope


Since most people know quite well how to use Twitter most people would surely know about how to use emojis, hashtags and mentions of peoples Twitter handle names.

You should all know that emojis, hashtags and mentions of peoples Twitter handle names are almost synonymous with the use of Twitter. In case you didn’t know Twitter actually owns the Periscope app platform and therefore the same sort of use of emojis, hashtags and mentions of Twitter handle names can also be used to great effect.


emoji faces

In particular it is worth noting that including emojis into a compelling or attention grabbing periscope title can often successfully promote your periscope title and ultimately attract more followers on Periscope.

In relation to using emojis in your Periscope title it is important to note that you should only use emojis if they are relative to the particular content or topic that your broadcast is about. Four example if your broadcast is about fishing then you may want to include an emoji related to finish off fishing or if your broadcast is about surfing then you may want to include the emoji of the person surfing a wave into your Periscope title.

Remember not to over do the emojis in your Periscope title. Keep in mind that your periscope title will generally be tweeted out on Twitter to your followers and overuse of emojis in a title can generally look quite spammy or childish.

Keep the emojis relative to the content and material you are presenting in your broadcast and remember not to over do them.


hashtags twitter

As with Twitter, hashtags can been used as a powerful tool in conducting search search about a particular topic, brand, name or phrase etc.

Similarly on Periscope you can use hashtags to help promote your Periscope broadcast on Twitter.

As we know that many people on Twitter will see a tweet describing a live Periscope broadcast and in order to obtain more viewers and traction then you should make savvy use of hashtags in your Periscope title since that title will ultimately be published on Twitter. Then when people on Twitter do a search on a hashtag you have more chance of people finding out about your Periscope link if the title includes hashtags.

Twitter @ handle name


It can be worth including a persons Twitter handle name into the title of your Periscope broadcast if you are either talking about that person or if you want to bring your broadcast to that particular persons attention.

You see generally if you have a Periscope account it will be linked to your Twitter account and every time you commence a Periscope broadcast you have the option of sending a tweet out to all of your followers on your Twitter account.

So if you decide to send a tweet about your live Periscope broadcast (which is advisable) then you can add specific peoples twitter handle names and whether or not they follow you they will be notified that you have mentioned their name in your Periscope broadcast title.

Generally, we only recommend mentioning a persons Twitter handle name in the Periscope title only if the broadcast in some way relates to that person or if you really wish for that person to be notified about the Periscope broadcast.

5 Top Tips for Writing Great Periscope Titles

Lets just take a quick look at what we have discussed in this article in a nutshell by taking a look at the creative and informative info graphic provided below:

5 tips for periscope titles

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