Periscope Screenshot Capture to Attract More Followers

The Need to Standout on Periscope


One fantastic Periscope tip that you can use in order to attract more followers and more clicks on your Periscope broadcast is to strategically choose how your Periscope broadcast visually appears to other people on their mobile phone before they decide to click and watch your Periscope broadcast.

This is particularly important if you are not a celebrity or person with a significant social media identity. Reason being why this is so important is because when people look through the long list of Periscope broadcasts that are either available to watch live or on replay there will be three specific things that they look for before they decide to watch the broadcast. These include:

  1. Who the Periscope broadcast host is?
  2. What the title of the Periscope broadcast is?
  3. What the small screenshot picture looks like is?


So if you are not a well-known celebrity or already have a significant social media following on Twitter or Periscope (or event if you don’t) then you will really want to rely upon the top 2 things that will grab peoples attention.

Of course creating a compelling title for your Periscope broadcast is “essential” and to find out 4 ways to create a compelling Periscope broadcast title then you can visit our previous blog post which looks at these issues.

Attention Grabbing Periscope Broadcast Screenshot

good periscope screenshot of sunset

The other incredibly powerful way in which a relatively unknown person can attract more people is to create an attention grabbing screenshot picture which will appear next to your compelling title.

A visually appealing screenshot will immediately capture the attention of fellow Periscope users. It is a very easy and powerful way in which to create interest surrounding your broadcast.

Throughout this article we will tell you how you can create a customized Periscope screenshot for each and every broadcast that you create. We will also discuss the various different type of custom screenshots that are known to be popular amongst Periscope users.

How to Customize a Periscope Screenshot

It is very easy to customize or choose exactly what the small screenshot picture will look like next to the title of your Periscope broadcast as it appears to other prior to clicking to view. All you need to do is to make sure that your camera is pointing at what ever you want the screenshot picture to become as soon as you “commence” streaming the broadcast.

This is the CRITICAL TIP – whatever your camera is viewing at the immediate outset of the broadcast will become the freeze frame screenshot picture that will appear to other people on Periscope.

Usually when you start a Periscope broadcast the camera will “automatically” be facing away from the hosts face. So as soon as you start broadcasting you really need to have pre-planned and strategized exactly what your camera will be pointing at in order to capture that interesting and attention grabbing screenshot picture that will appear in the large list of Periscope broadcasts which appears on everyone’s Periscope app encouraging them to watch.

We often see far too many Periscope broadcasters NOT know about how to customize the screenshot and we often see the screenshot of their Periscope broadcast appear as a really random freeze frame picture such as a picture of someone’s shoes or the ground or another boring random picture that has been unintentionally picked up at the beginning of the Periscope broadcast.

Ultimately it will really depend on what content and what the nature of your Periscope broadcast will be.

Different types of Periscope broadcast screenshot

We feel that it is important to highlight some of the most popular and effective types of customized Periscope screenshots that are used by savvy and experienced Periscope users. Some of these include:

Picturesque Location Screenshots:

sunset screenshot for periscope

Choosing a visually appealing landscape to commence your Periscope broadcast will often allow for an attention grabbing screenshot to be listed next to the Periscope broadcast title, some of the more common exotic screenshot pictures include:

  • Sunsets
  • Sunrises
  • Bright city signs
  • City high rises
  • Beautiful structures or monuments
  • Pretty gardens
  • Lookouts
  • Beaches

Various other forms of visually appealing locations can also grab the delight of other Periscope users curiosity.

Branding Screenshots:


For any type of business or website blogs out there that have their own logo, trade mark or brand then you may want to ensure that the business logo is the first thing that appears in the Periscope broadcast so that the logo is what appears in the freeze frame screenshot of the broadcasts to choose from on the Periscope app.

If anything you may want to bring a large image of the logo up on your computer prior to the start of the broadcast and ensure that the broadcast commences with the business logo being streamed our to the world. Otherwise you may have a poster, t-shirt, business card, picture or other type of visual prop you can use that has the business logo clearly shown.

This will ensure your business logo is picked up as the screenshot.

Body Screenshots:

Body screenshot for Periscope

If you have a great body then why “show what yo Mumma gave you & go on & FLAUNT IT!!”

Obviously, tasteful and clothed body screenshots will need to be taken so as not to get reported for inappropriate material.

However, if you are in the health, wellness, fitness of any other industry which may promote body image then you should consider using an attractive body shot at the commencement of the Periscope broadcast to ensure that an attractive attention grabbing screenshot is created.

If you do not have a body worthy of creating the attractive screenshot you are after then you can always start by streaming the broadcast by viewing a posted on hot image off your other computer screen. Get creative and think about the possibilities but remember ensure that everything remains tasteful.

Place card with title screenshots:

Screenshot of place card 1

I have noticed and even used place cards with a quick written note in bold texture writing and a scrappy little picture to be seen at the commencement of my Periscope broadcast so that I can get some sort of “attention grabbing” screenshot to be displayed next to the title of my Periscope broadcast.

I generally include my Twitter & Periscope name handle and also my website name.

You may think that this does not look all that professional BUT the reality is that the beauty of Periscope is that is provides for a raw unedited live streaming platform.

screenshot place card 2

Whilst Periscope can be used in many different ways and many different tips and tricks can be used to enhance the broadcast for viewers, at the end of the day Periscope is NOT Hollywood and it never will be. So do not try and make it a silky smooth Hollywood production.

The fact of the matter is that people will appreciate the rawness and realness of Periscope broadcasts, so do not try and be something that you are not.

The place cards with picture and message may look scrappy but for the purpose of obtaining an “attention grabbing” screenshot for Periscope it certainly does the trick.

Face screenshots:

To be honest facial screenshots are not generally considered the best Periscope screenshot captures to use simply because they do often add much in the way of grabbing peoples attention. Furthermore, they don’t often add to or compliment the content mentioned in the Periscope broadcast title or broadcast.

However that being said, if you have not arranged of or planned a custom Periscope broadcast screenshot like the “attention grabbing”screenshots we have discussed above then a face shot will be much better than some random and unintentional screenshot of the floor or the sky or something else irrelevant.

Get Creative & Get Practice


Ultimately guys it will all be about getting creative with the different screenshot captures that you can create for your Periscope broadcast and you should not worry if you do not get it right the first time because it will take a lot of trial and error and practice to get it right and to constantly pick customize a quality attention grabbing screenshot that will attract more followers for your Periscope broadcasts.

But the biggest thing is to not be shy away from trying and failing. It is inevitable you will stuff up to begin with or some screenshot will not turn out exactly how you wanted them to. When you first start out you just need to dive right in and give it a go and try different things.

It’s all about trying different things to see what really works and then exploiting that particular process. Just like with everything in internet marketing or social media you need to do your research and do multiple forms of testing or A/B split testing to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Guys have fun, try different things, get creative and by all means comment below and let us know what Periscope tips and techniques you have found works great.

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