Periscope Introduces Web Replays for Website Link Sharing


New Periscope Web Replays

Hello my fellow Periscopians, just a few quick update in Periscope News.

Over the last week it has been announced by Periscope that they have introduced the ability for web replays. Now, you may think that what’s new about this so I have always been able to go along and watch a Periscope broadcast that’s already been streamed live and replay it within the following 24 hours.

What Has Changed?

Well, previously, the ability to replay Periscope broadcasts after they had been streamed live was to use either an Android or iOS mobile devices.

But now, Periscope have made it clear that any replays of live Periscope broadcasts can now be watched on those old clunky devices that we called computers.

Lets face it most of us have mobile phones and tablets these days. But Periscope have made it clear that if you want to watch a Periscope replay, you can also watch through clickable links displayed on Twitter or even embedded on other websites.

The ability to embed Periscope broadcast links on a website will allow people to attract more people to their website or other social media platforms. It is a great move to allow for further interaction with people around the world.

Evolving Periscope

So the introduction of web replays is one small step that we have seen in the evolution of Periscope since it was re-launched by Twitter in late March 2015.

Whilst this is a great new addition and feature to Periscope I must admit I still don’t like the fact that you have only got 24 hours to watch a replay of a live Periscope. But as we will discuss in an upcoming post is the importance of being able to “Autosave” your Periscope so that you can convert the live broadcast into a video which can be embedded on a website or upload to YouTube or any other video or content platform. This is a most useful tactic to use Periscope for repurposing content for SEO and content marketing campaigns.

It will be very interesting to see how Periscope does evolve over the coming months and years. Stay tuned….

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