New iOS Periscope App Update – July 2015

 Periscope Update

Periscope is sailing along nicely


Well, we have been patiently waiting and finally the 7th substantial update to the Periscope App (Version 1.1.2) has arrived and whilst there have been some great improvements there is still a great deal of room for improvement. Yet in saying that Periscope appears to be moving along nicely and gaining more users and traction every day.

I have definitely notice a huge increase in users and to make the platform more interesting I have noticed a lot more celebrities and experts getting on and giving us a unique insight into their lives and their knowledge.

New Features for Periscope App Update


Periscope Update 1.1.2

It appears as though Periscope is putting out regular updates so as to constantly improve the user experience with Periscope and with such a popular social platform these regular updates are needed and required especially since they have the other well known live broadcasting App of Meerkat breathing down its neck as its main rival.

So as mentioned above the 7th Periscope update for iOS has just come out and we should take a quick look at what updates and improvements have taken place:

  • Profile Edit – Easily edit your full name (along with your description & photo)


Profile edit

That is right – you can now edit your name, profile picture and your profile description.

Yes you could do all of this before but if you wanted to change your profile name or picture then you had to do this through Twitter.

The new update means that you can oh so easily change name, photo and description all within the Periscope app. This update is making it easier for people to customize their Periscope profile. A small change perhaps, yet definitely a welcome addition for ease of customization and overall use.

  • Tap on comment to block user, that message will appear as blocked (to you only)


So we see some additional features that have appeared in relation to the blocking of trolls or users who leave unwanted comments. Periscope users now have the ability to block a fellow users comment within the live broadcast with the new difference being that the any future comments from that blocked user will not appear on your live broadcast stream. The blocked user will only appear blocked to you however other users can still see their crappy comments.

Once you block a person, the blocked troll will be completely unaware that you have blocked them as other users will be able to still see their crappy comments and of course anyone else can block their trolling asses as well. Eventually, if the Periscope pest continues to be such an annoyance then eventually most people will block them and they will simply become irrelevant.

The great thing is that the Periscope Pest will not be aware that other users have blocked them and I think that it has been done this way to prevent these pests from jumping onto another Periscope account and continuing with their pestering ways.

I like this new privacy feature.

  • Redesigned the featured users section, as well as the broadcast share sheet


Periscope Edit

There has been a redesign of some of the different areas of the Periscope App including the Feature Section and also the Sharing part of the app.

It is nothing ground breaking but more just slightly aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Previously, if you wanted to share a broadcast with friends or on Twitter then a drop down box would appear, now when you want to share a broadcast more visually appealing icons appear.

It is not really a big deal but it does make for a cleaner looking User Interface.


  • Other changes:

    – When the keyboard is up, you can now swipe to get rid of it (previously, doing that would exit the broadcast).

    – Your username is now visible from your profile.

    – Fixed a bug that was causing messages at the beginning of a replay to get held up / out of sync.

    – Fixed an audio encoder crash that was happening to certain people while watching a broadcast.

    – Improved “Sign In” copy to clarify that you can log back in to an existing account (without creating a new one).

    – Fixed a translation bug for Dutch users.


Future Updates & Changes


crystal ball

First of all, it must be made clear that this update which came out on 7 July 2015 is the new update for the IOS Periscope App only. However we anticipate that Periscope will release a new update for Android devices within the next week or 2.

It has been mentioned that Periscope can have a lot of bug problems such as lag time, lost comments and connections and those types of things which are to be somewhat expected of such a new platform. But hopefully the new Updates will clean up and fix many of these complaints and concerns.

Some suggestions that we believe Periscope need to quickly consider in the next update:

  • Broadcast scheduling – a feature to allow people to send a tweet out letting them know of an upcoming Periscope broadcast & the option to receive notification for that particular upcoming broadcast when it goes live
  • Fast forward and rewind button for Periscope replays (they really do have to implement this)
  • Favourites list of your favourite Periscope users for ease of search & finding
  • Landscape or side on viewing with comments to suit each landscape or portrait view

Obviously Periscope is new only 3-4 month in since Twitter relaunched it and it became a social phenomenon but we know that Periscope is constantly improving and putting our new updates so hopefully some of the above features will be included before long.

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