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Throughout this article we want to discuss some very important issues surrounding procrastination and how to avoid Periscope procrastination. Many of us who have been using Periscope for the short time that it has been around will certainly know that there are many different ways and uses that people can use periscope for. But whatever use they may have for Periscope it would be fair to say that it is the new kid on the block when it comes to new age social media.

I have noticed that some people have been using it for social purposes and then there are other people who have been using Periscope in a very efficient way to promote and tell people about their experiences and their own businesses and brands. A very effective way of doing this can be done through the Power of Storytelling which we blogged about recently.

Getting Sidetracked with Periscope


Just like with any other major social platform out there the ability to use Periscope to idly waste time and socialize about issues which do not go to promoting your brand or building your audience is very easy to get caught up in.

Be aware that there are many pitfalls that can come with the use of Periscope especially in relation to time wasting and procrastination.

Just like Facebook or Twitter periscope will enable anyone to waste hours and hours of their time with out really engaging the social platform for an appropriate productive purpose.

This is certainly something that any sort of person using Periscope to build their business or brand needs to be aware of.

Using Periscope Efficiently


Just like any other social network out there the best way to use Periscope efficiently is to set aside specific and planned time to go live and present quality content to your audience especially if your in the game of online business or brand building.

Obviously given the nature of live streaming and Periscope your broadcast will come across in a raw and unedited version and not only that it will give you the opportunity to show the real you on a personable level. This does not mean that you have to do get on Periscope 15 times a day and scope about every little event going on in your life especially if you are using Periscope efficiently for building your brand or business.

Instead it is worth taking a specific amount of time out to plan and prepare what sort of material you want to present to your audience and what message that you want to broadcast to your followers. Then in addition to this you need to actually get on to Periscope and efficiently present that material and content to your audience.

Is always good to set a specific time aside to do this throughout the day whether it be in the morning, at lunch or in the evening. You need to be consistent with the scheduling of your Periscope so that people who follow you will get to know the scheduling consistency that you present and can reliably tune in at a particular time on any given day and know that they can expect to see you there delivering quality information about your business, brand or whatever message you are seeking to drive to your audience.

6 Tips to Avoid Periscope Procrastination


If you look at some of the more professional online marketers who are out there promoting their brands and awareness of their business then you will note that they very rarely get on to Periscope just to idly socialize and chitchat about things which are not directed to building there business.

Tips to avoid Periscope procrastination:

TIP # 1:

Have a structured plan for you Periscope broadcast – this will involve some pre-broadcast planning usually by writing down some notes of what you wish to discuss. Stick to your plan even though you may find it easy to get sidetracked with other issues that pop-up on your periscope broadcast.

TIP # 2:

Scheduling – Pick a regular and specific time of day for which your audience can expect to see you on Periscope presenting an informative broadcast.

TIP # 3:

Set aside a specific amount of broadcast time – you should generally set aside a specific amount of time to present your planned material on Periscope. Given the nature of Periscope sometimes you need to allow for a little bit of leeway in relation to going over a specific amount of time but as a rule you should try and keep your Periscope broadcast moving forward as per your plan and structure that you have put in place.

TIP # 4:

Periscope Consistency – ensure that you are consistent with your Periscope broadcasts whether you choose to do it once or twice a day or on a particular day each week make sure you stick to your schedule and be consistent about presenting on a regular basis.

TIP # 5:

Sticking to the point – trying to avoid getting onto Periscope and broadcasting irrelevant types of material for content that has nothing to do with the message that you are trying to promote in relation to your brand or business.

TIP # 6:

Don’t avoid other productive tasks because of Periscope – you really do need to strike a balance between keeping your Periscopes at a particular time and schedule and also keeping them consistent on a regular basis but please remember not to forego other more productive tasks and activities which are more important to the building of your brand and your business.

Periscope Smart & in Moderation

 When we look at Periscope in promoting ones brand awareness or business it needs to be utilized in the same sense that Twitter or Facebook is for your business. You should not over use Periscope when it starts to interfere with other more productive activities within your business but in saying that you should use it wisely and efficiently.

You just need to look at some of the really experienced entrepreneurs and online marketers out there to see how they are utilizing the power of Periscope and you will quickly learn that they use it in a way which avoids any sort of Periscope procrastination. They get on Periscope, they deliver their message they quickly interact with their audience and they get out and they continue on with the other aspects of building the brand and awareness on various other platforms whether that’s their website, other social networks or their bricks and mortar business then that’s where their focus is.

I guess the lesson to the learn out of this article is that Periscope is just another exciting new social platform which is really gaining some traction but just like various other social networks out there it needs to be used in a very efficient and directed manner if you want to get on there for the purpose of driving your message, building your brand and business through live streaming.

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