Hillary Clinton uses Periscope on the Campaign Trail


Hillary Clinton on Periscope

Well if you are an avid user of Periscope you may have noticed that the wonderful US Presidential hopeful, Mrs Hillary Clinton has been popping up with a suggestion that you follow her on Periscope.

This was a pretty clear indicator that we were about to see the ex-first lady begin to get involved with our favourite new social media platform and use Periscope to her advantage on the United States Presidential campaign trail.

First Use of Periscope on the Campaign Trail

On 13 June 2015, Mrs Clinton kicked off her US Presidential Campaign trail with her first major public speech at New York’s Roosevelt Island where she pushed hard on all of the expected issues that will surround this campaign such as building a strong middle class, building a strong US economy and strengthening the US national security.

All these usual political issues were expected, yet what was NOT expected from this major political outing was that Hillary Clinton would stream her address live to the world at large on the newly re-launched live broadcasting app called Periscope.

2 time Olympic figure skating medalist and massive democrat & Clinton supporter, Michelle Kwan, was the one who was steering the Periscope leaver and hosted the live broadcast which was seen as probably the first time Periscope had been used to live broadcast a major Political speech, especially one of the magnitude that Mrs Clinton held on Roosevelt Island.

Periscope as a Powerful Political Weapon

Seeing Hillary Clinton make good use of the new Periscope social media platform to engage people all over the world will definitely make for an interesting US Presidential Campaign over the next couple of year, in particular seeing how the US Presidential hopefuls will make good use of social media. We are of the strong belief that Periscope is currently exploding and attracting unprecedented social traction so it will be something we will be keen to follow and see who can make the best use of this potentially powerful political weapon.

Since Hillary Clinton gave her speech on 13 June 2015 we have seen others make good use of Persicope such as Donald Trump when he announced he would be running as a Republican candidate for the next US Presidential election.

Periscope’s Political Future

With the ever changing pace of technology, any politician would have to be a fool to ignore the power that new social media platforms such as Periscope are able to deliver to the political brand within the public arena.

Watch this space as I am sure there will be plenty more to come as the upcoming US Presidential Campaign shifts into second gear.



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