The Right Mobile Device


Obviously the primary piece of technology or gadgetry that you are going to need in order to start broadcasting on Periscope is a mobile device.

Periscope now works on Apple iOS and also Android enabled mobile devices.

For us we use an Apple iPhone 6, however the larger version of Apple iPhone 6+ would be better given the larger size of the screen.

Periscope was first introduced on iOS but a short time later became available on Android. Many people have claimed that they have experienced a number of issues and bugs with the Android version of Periscope. However, in saying that many have also said that some of the most recent updates to the Periscope App have attended to some of these issues and no doubt in future updates any such issues, glitches or bugs will be cleaned up on both iOS and Android devices.


Tripod Stand


I purchased a Joby Tripod stand (similar to the picture above) for my iPhone 6 and it works great.

The legs on the Joby tripod are easily maneuverable which have magnetic ends on the legs of the tripod enabling it to stick to any magnet attracted metal service.

The benefits of having a tripod is that you do not have to hold the mobile device out in front of you with your shaky hand. It keeps the picture still and a pleasure for your viewers to watch.

Extra Battery Power Pack


Lets face it guys we have all experienced problems with not having enough battery life from time to time and now that we are using our mobile devices for live streaming purposes we can find that battery life is even more of a problem.

However, to the rescue is the Mophie juice pack for iPhone 6 and 6 plus and of course previous iPhone models.

The Mophie Juice Pack comes in the form of a mobile phone case which doubles as extra battery life and extra protection for your mobile device. You can buy different sized batter life juice packs. For me I purchased the Mophie Juice Pack for my iPhone 6 and it has an additional 120% battery life when my phone is at 0% battery life. This little device has been an absolute saviour to me and my scoping adventures.

I know that most Apple Stores sell these products and depending on the model and battery size you will be looking at a cost of between $100 and $150.