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What is Periscopedia?

The Periscopedia website was set up by social media and online marketing enthusiast Joshua Boorman in early June 2015, only a couple of months after Twitter relaunched the live broadcast streaming App called Periscope in late March 2015. Joshua has been involved in setting up and running websites, blogs and online businesses since early 2010 and has constantly kept up to date with the latest experts in the online & internet marketing field. He has also run his own online businesses in a variety of niche areas.

Periscopedia aims to be the go to online source for all things related to the live streaming app Periscope. We aim to present and publish quality content to help online users of Periscope build a better brand and bigger audience.

Periscope News:

Since Periscope is the hottest new social media platform out for 2015, we envisage that Periscope will go through various changes, improvements and updates, therefore we want to be there to provide you with the latest news about Periscope as and when it happens.

Periscopedia 101:

Lets face it Periscope is NEW in 2015 and to be honest we are still in the early stages of seeing how powerful it will become as a social media platform.

However, to get you started and help you get the most out of Periscope now we have created an extremely useful eBook guide to help you use Periscope to its fullest potential, we have named it Periscope 101.

Periscope Famous:

Once actors, musicians and celebrities start getting on board something as special as Periscope then you know that you are dealing with something powerful.

We aim to provide you with an insight into some of the most interesting and exciting lives of celebrities who have taken to using Periscope. We also look at some of the people who have become famous because of their massive Periscope following.

Where to from here?

Well guys it will be interesting to see how Periscope evolves over time and what uses and benefits people can derive from it.

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