8 Easy Steps to use Periscope for Content Marketing & SEO

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Throughout this article we will take you through the step-by-step process of how you can use Periscope to create various forms of content marketing for your website or blog, which is great for SEO.

Most people think that just because Periscope is predominantly used as a “Live Stream Broadcasting” app that there is no way to use the live broadcast for other purposes to create fresh quality content for other social media platforms or for your own website.

But the truth is that Periscope does allow you to be the starting point for creating fresh new content which can be a real boost for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing campaigns. Below we have put together a very simple step-by-step procedure (8 Easy Steps) to show you exactly how you can use Live Periscope Broadcasts to create quality online content for other purposes other than for the Periscope App.



STEP # 2: Autosave Broadcasts

Once you have set up your Periscope account and profile you should then go to your profile and then open up your Periscope “Settings” and then turn the “Autosave Broadcasts” option to ON.

This will ensure that any of your live Periscope broadcasts will be saved as a video to your mobile device.

This is a very important and critical step in being able to use Periscope to recreate more video and written content for other content platforms.


STEP # 3: Prepare & Plan an outline for your Periscope Broadcast

There is not point in just jumping on board to a live Periscope broadcast and just rambling on with no direction or no particular agenda about the issues or topics you are seeking to present.

Keep in mind that you want to re-purpose your live Periscope broadcast into other forms of content such as a video or a written blog so it is important to structure your broadcast in a way that will compliment other forms of content.

This can be easily done by writing down some brief bullet points on issues or topics that you want to discuss. Make sure that they are presented in logical order and stick to the outline so that you do not get side tracked with other issues.


STEP # 4: Edit Autosaved Periscope Video

It will be a good idea to use some video editing software to edit your Autosaved Periscope video because you will want to cut out a lot of “ums” and “ahs” and pauses that will inevitably occur during the live broadcast.

You can also edit the video to brand it according to your needs such as inserting an intro and outro with further video, audio or graphic material.

It is very important to trim down and clean up the original live Periscope broadcast so that it looks far more professional.


STEP # 5: Upload the edited Video to YouTube

Once you are happy with the final edited video that originated from the Periscope broadcast then you can and should upload it to YouTube or any of the vast array of other video content platforms out there.

It is worth looking into some basic video SEO in helping better rank you videos in YouTube and also providing quality link juice back to your website.


STEP # 6: Outsource Video Transcription

What you then need to do is find a person who is efficient at transcribing videos into written content.

We use a Virtual Assistant (VA) from oDesk, however there are other outsourcing platforms out there such as eLance. Whichever way you go you need to obtain an efficient and precise transcriber.

You should then set up a shared Dropbox folder with them and then you can simply drop your edited video into the file and request that they return to you the full transcript of the video.


STEP # 7: Edit the Transcript into a Professional Written Article/Blog

Generally speaking the transcript you receive back will still need a bit of Tender Loving Care and editing to turn it into a flowing and professional reading article.

It is often a good idea to insert specific headings for the different sections of issues that are being discussed.

Your should also clean up any grammar or sentences which sound disjointed.

Finally you should also spruce up the written piece by embedding pictures, videos, slide shows or other pieces of media or content to create a compelling article or blog post.


STEP # 8: Publish the Written Article/Blog

As you normally would, you should go ahead and published the article to your website. You should take into account standard SEO techniques in helping promote the article in the best way possible.


Re-purposing Periscope Broadcasts for Content Marketing

As you can see from the simple steps above – you can turn a live Periscope broadcast into at least 2 very powerful forms of unique quality content, that being a video and a written article.

You can also get creative and turn the live Periscope broadcast into various other unique forms of content such as audio files or podcasts, slide shows and infographics.

Get creative, use your well known standard SEO tactics and always have a call to action.

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