3 Tips to Building Periscope Consistency & Not Losing Traction

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Losing Momentum on Periscope

It’s been a 5 day stretch since I last used Periscope to broadcast live out to the world.

The reason being was that I was in the process of moving house which is always so much fun (cue the SARCASM). It was a stressful period involving a lot of heavy lifting, packing and late nights. Unfortunately, for me I also got sick with a head cold during this period and whilst it was eating away at me to get back on and scope some broadcasts I just couldn’t muster up the energy or mental strength to put together a decent Periscope broadcast.

What I want to highlight throughout this article is the main lessons that I learnt from not being consistent with my Periscope broadcasts and failing to keep up constant interaction on Periscope.

Furthermore, I want to provide you with 3 really good tips on how you can ensure that you remain more consistent with regards to your Periscope broadcasts.

What I noticed after 5 days away from Periscope

I certainly did notice a number of negative things that occurred during this time away from Periscope. Well perhaps they were not as negative as much as they were lacking in growth and traction.

But either way you cut it I did notice a significant reduction in activity and interaction on both my Periscope and Twitter accounts.

1st Downfall – Less Periscope Followers

 Periscope Followers

Prior to taking time off from broadcasting on Periscope I was attracting 10 to 15 followers a day.

These 10 to 15 followers per day were coming as a result of consistent interaction on other peoples broadcasts and also creating two consistent Periscope broadcasts of my own. Usually, I would scope 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

However, after taking 5 days off from Periscope I noticed that the number of people that were following me reduced from around 10 to 15 down to 1 or 2 followers each day.

The big lesson that I took away from this was that you really do need to be consistent with your broadcasting and also in interacting with other people is broadcasts in order to stay active and to consistently grow your Periscope following. This is not some sort of ambiguous lesson to be learnt. I believe it to be cut and dry, it is black and white, and it really does show that if you are not consistent and are not interacting with others on Periscope then your own growth on Periscope platform will come to a complete standstill regardless of who you are.

2nd Downfall – No hearts


By now most people should know how the Periscope heart system works and if you are new to Periscope then you should know that anyone who is watching another users periscope users broadcast can tap their finger on the mobile device screen and issue the broadcaster with hearts that float up on the side of the screen. Each Periscope user will have a heart count and the greater the heart count is the better the feedback that a Periscope user will have.

Periscope users can only obtains hearts during a live broadcast or a replay of a Periscope broadcast. So obviously since I took 5 days off without creating any periscope broadcasts I clearly did not receive any hearts during that period. This was simply another downside of not broadcasting and not staying consistent on Periscope.

3rd Downfall – Less interaction on Twitter

twitter may i help

One final downside that I noticed whilst I was not on Periscope for 5 days was that my connected Twitter account saw a dramatic reduction in interaction from other Twitter followers. I saw a reduced amount of twitter mentions, retweets and favorites being gathered by other people.

Simply because I wasn’t on Periscope, it saw me interacting less on Twitter and subsequently I noticed a massive reduction in people following my Twitter account.

It’s all about being Periscope Consistent

hello, my name is consistency

As with most things you get out of something what you put in and nothing can be truer than this when we consider continued growth within the periscope social platform.

Consistency is such an important aspect of continuing to grow your presence and brand on Periscope. The stark reality is that Periscope is a social platform which is growing at a rapid rate and if you are not consistently interactive in creating broadcasts and commenting on other peoples broadcasts then you will simply drop off the Periscope radar and you will find that your overall growth on Periscope will cease.

3 tips to better Periscope Consistency

So in order to remain on top of your Periscope game it is crucial to continue to be interactive on a consistent basis, below we have outlined 3 great ways to maintain your Periscope consistency.

Tip # 1 – Schedule Your Periscopes


Try to set up a routine schedule whereby you make a specific amount of time each day or at different times throughout the day to plan, prepare and present a Periscope broadcast.

Just like with anything in life that you want to see development and improvement on a great planning schedule can be key to helping you grow and get better through practice and consistency.

I like to try and get out 2 Periscope broadcasts each day, usually 1 in the morning which is generally more of a social scope or update to keep in touch with my Periscope followers and then the 2nd scope of the day is usually of an evening where I like to present fellow Periscope users with some more education material on how they can better enhance their periscope experience.

By doing this at scheduled times throughout the day it definitely helps people develop greater consistency on Periscope but it also allows other people to know and expect that you will be live broadcasting on Periscope at a particular time of day. Just like watching the evening news people know they can tune into the television and see the latest news. Similarly, people will be able to know and tune into your daily Periscope broadcasts at a particular scheduled time.

Tip # 2 – Be Purposeful with your Periscope Broadcasts


It is important to be purposeful with your Periscope broadcasts and a lot of this purpose can be derived through appropriate planning and preparation. By going live on Periscope with pre-planned and purposeful content this means that you will generally have some sort of structure to your broadcast. When you are able to commit yourself to creating more structured Periscope broadcasts then you will find that you tend to make it routine to set time aside to prepare and then present the broadcast.

Ultimately, this will lead to greater consistency in putting together regular Periscope broadcasts and it will also allow you to offer greater quality content for people to follow and interact with you on.

Tip # 3 – If pressed for time – Keep It Short

Life can get busy and hectic at times depending on what is going on in your life and to take a lot of time out to plan and prepare a really well organised Periscope broadcast can certainly be time consuming. Not only do you have to put a lot of thought into the research, planning and preparation of the broadcast but then you need to take the time to actually present the broadcast which can often go on for a lot longer than initially anticipated especially if you get a lot of people commenting and interacting with you.

So this being said and keeping in mind the importance of remaining Periscope consistent you should consider creating very short, quick & concise Periscope broadcasts if you are pressed for time.

The reason why this is so important is because it will ensure that you still remain active on other peoples Periscope radar. Other users will see that you are still active on Periscope and they will understand and appreciate that you have taken the time to create a broadcast albeit a short one to keep everyone informed of what is happening and what is new.

Only the other day I created a Periscope broadcast covering all of the issues that I have outlined here in this blog post and the total time of the broadcast went for approximately 20 minutes.

Relevant to this Consistency Tip, I could have created a far shorter and quicker broadcast by simply outlining the 3 Quick Tips to Staying Periscope Consistent and I believe that I could have presented this in under 5 minutes including planning & preparation.

So the big tip to take away is that even if you are pressed for time and do not believe that you will be able to properly plan, prepare and present a Periscope broadcast you should know that it is possible to create a Periscope broadcast into a condensed shorter version of what you would usually present and ensure that you remain consistent on people Periscope radar.

I find that a good way to condense a Periscope broadcast is consider the following:

  • Quick social update
  • Quick spit fire points
  • Quick opinion or response to particular issue
  • Quick heads up for what you plan to present in the future

All of the above can be done easily and quickly.

BIG LESSON LEARNT – Out of Sight = Out of Mind


Probably the biggest lesson that I have learnt from failing to jump on Periscope for 5 days is that other Periscope users will not call you up, email or tweet you asking how you are or where you have been on periscope. Nope, I can tell you now that will not happen. Simply put if you fall off people’s Periscope radar then they will simply fill your void with another Periscope user who is out there consistently creating broadcasts that are of interest to them.

We all know that Periscope is still in its infancy and that there currently seems to be a mad race on to get as much exposure as possible from this social platform and with that in mind there will be no shortage of people to watch and follow and to fill any void that you may leave should you decide to take some time out away from interacting and broadcasting on Periscope.

So with that in mind the big point that needs to be understood is that you need to remain consistent with you Periscope interactive. At the very least you should be viewing other broadcasts and interacting with other users but ultimately you really should be creating your own broadcasts on a consistent basis in order to continue the Periscope growth and maintaining traction.

The saying of “OUT OF SIGHT = OUT OF MIND” has never been more true since people will quickly forget about you if your fall of their Periscope radar.

So stay Periscope Consistent guys.

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